What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days

Still don’t know paradise? It’s in front of you, welcome to the Balearic Islands! Beach or mountain, winter or summer, everything is possible, todo es possible, just let yourself go. Today we are exploring a land full of natural beauties and a week in Mallorca unforgettable. What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days.

We have planned a selection of essential places to do in Mallorca in just one week. There will be a bit of everything like nature, villages, monuments…

As soon as we land at the Palma de Mallorca Airport or also known as the International airport of Son Sant Joan. You can’t imagine how huge is this place until you see it for the first time. To avoid unnecessary queues and all kinds of setbacks, we recommend you take public transport or to book a private transport and the queues will disappear. Your driver waits for you just with a sign with your name on the same exit door, and all this at the same cost or even cheaper than a normal taxi!

What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days: the


Once you have settled in the city of Palma or the countryside, one of our suggestions is that you start with your plan to visit Mallorca from now on. From the very first hour, you can have breakfast in the original Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo, Sans Street 10. This establishment, founded in the year 1700, is one of the most emblematic of the town of Palma de Mallorca. In addition to its “ensaimadas” and “cuartos”, typical of the Mallorcan gastronomy, it is possible to try delicious artisan ice creams that you can enjoy while you have a walk through the neighbourhood of “Sa Gerreria” and its narrow stone streets so typical of the centre of Palma. Soon you will be surprised by a classic Mallorcan courtyard, an old palace or an emblematic trade.

Callejuela Palma
Callejuela Palma

First day: Mallorca Free Tour

At 11 a.m starts our daily Free Tour, discover the old town of Palma. We recommend you this walking tour the first or second day of your holidays. Take advantage of all the recommendations and tips of our local guides: such as where to eat, what to visit depending on your interests or where not to go… besides knowing first-hand anecdotes, legends and mysteries of the town of Palma that you will never forget, the free tour of Legends and Mysteries of Mallorca is perfect for you!

The route of the Mallorca Free Tour will clarify the question about what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days. If your stay is not in Palma and it’s more beach or sport, you can also take advantage of the Free Tour to know the essence of the old town. In this case, you can make the walking tour any of the days and leave “with the homework done”. Here you have a link for the details of the Free Tour, and a list of places we will visit. Parc de la mar, Cathedral, Almudaina Palace, City Hall, Plaza Mayor, churches, the Jewish quarter, modernist buildings, Mallorcan patios, Mercado del Olivar, Calle San Miguel,  Plaza España For lunch, after the Free tour, we will recommend a local restaurant like la Balanguera, where to taste more of a whim of Mallorcan cuisine.

First day: Bellver castle

In the afternoon if you have energy after the FreeTour, we advise you to take a relaxing walk with spectacular views from the Castillo de Bellver. It is worth going up to the castle just to see one of the best panoramic views of Mallorca, but also because of the construction itself, it is the only round plant castle in Spain and the oldest in the world of its kind.

Castillo de Bellver
Castillo de Bellver

And until here the first day of what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days. Well, we have already known the old town of Palma, tasted one of the best Mallorcan sweets and enjoyed one of the best panoramic views of the city of Palma de Mallorca, and now?

What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days: the SECOND DAY VALLDEMOSSA – DEIÀ – SÓLLER

If you have the opportunity to rent a car, we will recommend to wake up early and go to Valldemossa to enjoy “la Serra de Tramuntana”, a mountain chain protected by the UNESCO. In this area, you can visit the “golden triangle”, probably the most beautiful villages of the island Sóller, Valldemossa and Deià.

Second day: Valldemossa

Valldemossa is a small town, located a short distance from Palma, which has adapted to the present times, but in its origins was a small fishing village. For this reason, it still retains some of that charm as well as standing out for its more than marked religiosity. Among those places in Valldemossa that we advise you no to miss, you can find Monastery of the “Real Cartuja”, the hermitage of the Holy Trinity, Palace of the king “Sancho”, the parish of Sant Bartomeu, the Natal house of the “beata” and of course la coca de patatas (a potato bun).


Second day: Deià

With its bohemian and picturesque image, it is one of the most charming corners of Mallorca. The town is located at the foot of a slope, with houses agglomerated and offering a wonderful view of the Mediterranean. This paradise combines its beauty and social harmony with other earthly pleasures. This beautiful village has not gone unnoticed by artists, writers and creatives who have decided to stay in Deià and look for its source of inspiration. Take advantage to discover the archaeological museum, the parish museum or the municipal cemetery that is behind the church. His first mentions date from the seventeenth century.


Second day: Sóller

This town is another wonder to explore, which could not be missing in our post of what to see and what to do in Mallorca in 7 days. Venturing through its central streets, almost all pedestrian, its square full of life and decorated by aromatic orange trees is guarded by the magnificent parish church of Sant Bartomeu. Its beautiful historic buildings deserve a separate paragraph. The influence of the disciple of Antoni Gaudí, the architect Joan Rubió i Bellver is unparalleled. From morning to night they have the doors of their courtyards open for everyone to enjoy their furniture and plants.


And until here the second day of what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days. We have known the northwest area of the island. For dinner, you can enjoy our typical Pamboli or go for a snack at one of the trendy gourmet markets, such as “Mercado de San Juan”.


What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days: THIRD DAY PLAYA DE MURO – ALCUDIA – PUERTO DE ALCUDIA

We return to the north of Mallorca, but today to spend the day on a spectacular beach. It does not matter if it’s winter or summer, you’ll enjoy it all times because of its spectacular natural landscape.


Third day: Playa de Muro

With more than 5 kilometres of coastline, the area of Es Comú de Muro, stands out, a virgin beach that is part of the Natural Park of Albufera. If we go to this particular area, it is convenient to take all the necessary things to spend the day (food, drink, sun protection, umbrella, etc.). If we decide on another of the areas of Playa de Muro, a few meters away we will find a large number of beach bars and very fashionable restaurants, some of them located in the hotels of the area.


Third day: Alcúdia

In the afternoon, after a last refreshing swim, it’s a good plan to go to the walled city of Alcúdia. It is highly recommended to go around the town following the Camí de Ronda, which is the indoor street among the walls. For a few years, now you can access the top of the walls in some of its sections, which gives us incredible views of the town and “la Serra de Tramontana”.

One of the attractions of the medieval wall is its access doors. Originally there were three: Porta des Moll o de Xara, la Porta de Mallorca o de Sant Sebastià y la Porta de la Vila Roja. We can’t stop photographing ourselves next to the door of Mallorca (the two towers joined by the great arch portal) or the “Porta des Moll, which is not attached to the wall and which shows us the original lifting.


Third day: Puerto de Alcúdia

To disconnect or go out for a drink, we recommend you going to the port of Alcúdia at night to take a walk and have dinner. There is a great variety of restaurants offering fresh and tasty gastronomy. Clubs such as “Menta” or “Magic” are more than promising options for those who want to enter the dawn dancing and drinking.

Playa de Muro

And until here the third day of our program of what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days. Well, we have enjoyed an amazing beach, some history accompanied by wonderful views, and a good dinner, followed or not by party and drinks.


What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days: the FOURTH DAY CAVES OF DRACH – PORTOCRISTO – CANYAMEL

This fourth day we recommend heading to the East of the island and discover the Caves of Drach, one of the most iconic natural landscapes of Mallorca that you probably heard about.


Fourth day: Caves of Drach

The caves of Drach were already known during the Middle Ages and documents are confirming its existence dating from the year 1338. The visit lasts about one hour and the distance is approximately 1200 metres with a drop of 25 metres. This experience also includes a classical music concert of about 10 minutes and the possibility of crossing part of lake Martel by boat.

Cuevas del Drach


Fourth day: Porto Cristo

When leaving the caves, you can go to the tower of dels Falcons in Porto Cristo, it’s a watchtower where you admire the beauty of the East coast. For lunch, we recommend some of the restaurants located on “Paseo de la Sirena“. The “Paseo de la Sirena” is a meeting place where concerts, shows and celebrations take place. If you visit the town on Sunday, you can make purchases of natural products here in the local market.


Fourth day: Canyamel

In the afternoon, we suggest you visiting Canyamel. This town is a beautiful and quiet place located in one of the most eastern points of Mallorca in the municipality of Capdepera. The origin of its name comes from the sugar cane cultivated in this part of Mallorca during the 18th century, and that’s where the name of Canyamel comes from, which means “sugar cane” and “honey” in ancient Latin. And until here the fourth day of our program of what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days. 

Well, we have known the Eastern part of Mallorca and its most emblematic places.  This day, in the centre of Palma you can choose for dinner between one of its restaurants of creative Mediterranean cuisine, where you can enjoy dishes such as sobrassada with homemade sweet quince, or squid stew with artichokes. It’s amazing!


What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days: FIFTH DAY POLLENÇA – PUERTO DE POLLENÇA – CABO FORMENTOR

In the fifth day of what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days, it’s the day of the north. No trip to the island of Mallorca can be considered complete if you don’t visit the northern part of the island: Pollença, and el Cabo de Formentor.


Fifth day: Pollença

Polleça is an old city of captivating and narrow streets with a spectacular Plaza Mayor, surrounded by cafes, restaurants and bars. It’s located just a few kilometres from Puerto Pollença, the tourist centre of the north of the island.


Fifth day: Puerto de Pollença

The option of visiting the Puerto de Pollença can’t be ruled out. It’s at the same time a port and a centre of tourism, very popular with the English. It has good infrastructures, long beaches of fine sand and is a perfect corner for a family vacation.


Fifth day: Formentor

What will undoubtedly leave you speechless is: Cape Formentor, where the Serra de Tramontana meets the Mediterranean. The landscape from this steep road is absolutely wonderful, with the sightseeing “Mal Pas” and the watchtower “Talaia d’Albercutx”.

We have finished the fifth day of our program of what to see and do in Mallorca in 7 days. We hope that Formentor and its views have impressed you as much as we do. As for advice if you can go at sunset time, although it may be the busiest time, it is also the most fantastic.



What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days: SIXTH DAY WINERY TOUR

For our sixth day of what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days, we propose you a different plan, a route of wineries. To give you an idea, in Mallorca there are around 70 wineries, we can say with certainty that there is a great variety of wines to discover on the island. We recommend you for this week in Mallorca, an excursion through the wine area of Binissalem.


Sixth day: Binissalem

First, you can take a walk through the town, see the typical architecture with great use of the “marés” or limestone in many of the façades of the houses. You can take advantage of market day (every Friday) to take a walk and to buy a bunch of tomatoes, white onions, green peppers and fruit that you can then use for your meal.


Sixth day: Bodega Vins Can Novell

The first visit is one of the oldest cellars, with more than 300 years old, in which you can still see the large oak barrels where the wine was stored and even today they sell wine in bulk. It’s called “Vins Can Novell” where you can try a tasting of 5 wines: white, rosé, young red, red with ageing and sweet. Don’t worry! Normally in small glasses, like shots for tasting.


Sixth day: Bodega Casa Museu Llorenç Villalonga

Next, you can visit the house-museum Llorens Villalonga, a famous writer from Mallorca who lived in this house. If you wonder what the house’s relationship with wine is, the answer is that in the house we can find its own cellar. Something that used to be very common in Binissalem and that in many houses has been conserved as part of its heritage. In the cellar, there is an exhibition about wine that is very interesting.


Sixth day: Santa Maria del Camí

Another recommendable stop is in Santa Maria del Cami in the Macia Batle winery. These facilities are well organised for tourists and visitors ensuring that they enjoy an excellent experience. In this place, you can discover the grape reception area, the area of the stainless steel tanks, the laboratories, the bottling area and the barrel area.

We have finished the sixth day and penultimate day of our program what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days. We hope that this different plan has pleased you and you also have enjoyed the Mallorca wine.

What to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days: the SEVENTH DAY RELAX

In the last day of what to see and do in Mallorca for seven days, we recommend you a total disconnection day. Yes! The rural accommodation in Mallorca is different from other places in Spain because it has opted for a wide alternative offer of high quality about what is already known as “beach hotel”.

So you can enjoy a full day of relaxation and tranquillity in Mallorca. The statistics show that more and more tourists are choosing to stay in rural accommodations and agrotourism.

Therefore, we recommend a type of accommodation that allows you a unique experience for your holidays. The best way to get to know the culture, gastronomy and traditions of the Balearic Islands.

And until here our program of what to see and do in Mallorca for 7 days.

We hope you enjoyed it and that it will be your inspiration for your holidays in Mallorca. As we know each person is a world and especially when we are planning our holidays. But if you want personalised tips we recommend you come to Mallorca Free Tour.

We will be happy to assist you and show you the centre of Palma and explain anecdotes, legends and curiosities about Mallorca and its history.

¡Us desitgem un bon viatge!

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