Mallorca Free Tour – 6:00 PM

Free Tour Palma by night! Discover the mysteries and legends of Mallorca.

We will guide you through the narrow streets of the old town while we will reveal some of the mysteries, legends and curiosities of Palma de Mallorca at night.

During this visit, you will get to know the history, the modernist buildings, churches, convents and squares along with other legends of Mallorca.

Do not miss the history, architecture, heritage of Palma and the most famous legends of Mallorca that the old town hides. We meet every Saturday at 6:00 PM  with our accredited official guides. See you in the Plaza Mayor of Palma! Prior reservation is necessary.


Meeting point – Plaza Mayor

Look for the orange umbrellas!

Mysteries and legends of Mallorca – What to see on the Palma Free Tour at night?

The free night walking tour goes through the old town of Palma where we explain the mysteries and legends of Mallorca that has not told before.

It starts in the Plaza Mayor of Palma at 6:00 PM and ends in front of the Cathedral of Mallorca.

At the beginning of the visit, our guides will give a brief historical introduction to get an idea of ​​how Palma was created and how little by little and over the centuries the city changed until it became this small city.

Then we will visit two of the most emblematic modernist buildings in Palma, l’Àguila and Can Forteza Rey, and then we will arrive at the heart of the city: the City Hall.

We will continue the visit through some squares and churches such as Santa Eulàlia and Sant Francesc. We will visit part of one of the Jewish quarter of the city. Finally, between secrets and mysteries, we will arrive at the walls and the area of ​​the Palma Cathedral where we will end the visit with an explanation on the history of our great temple and watching the sunset from the Renaissance walls of Palma.

We are waiting for you with orange umbrellas in the Plaza Mayor, in the heart of the city of Palma de Mallorca!

Do you like history, art and architecture? The free morning free walking tour is your tour! Discover the old town of Palma de Mallorca with our Emblematic Palma tour from Monday to Sunday at 11 a.m.

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