Cathedral of Mallorca

Guided tour of the Cathedral of Santa Maria

Discover the Cathedral of Mallorca and its interior with our local and official tour guides every Friday at 10:00 a.m.

This Cathedral tour starts in front of the walls of Palma, at the Portal Mayor (main façade) from  where we will contemplate its great architecture and its relation with the walls and the Mediterranean Sea.

When was built the main temple of Palma de Mallorca? How is the Cathedral of Mallorca? Who built the Cathedral of Mallorca? Where is the cathedral? When did Gaudi work into the Cathedral? All these questions and much more will be answered on this guided tour!

During this guided tour you will learn about its names, history, architecture, art and some of the most surprising curiosities of one of the most stunning cathedrals of the Mediterranean. 

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What to see during the Cathedral tour?

First, we will explain the exterior architecture and then we will get into the temple through the Portal de l’Almoina, the northern side, and we will visit first the museum of the cathedral and the two chapterhouses where we will find some relics, tombs and a collection of Gothic paintings.  

Once, visited the museum, then we will get into the temple.

Already there, we will have the opportunity to enjoy and contemplate the structure, light and space of the Cathedral and we will show you some of the most important interventions such as Antoni Gaudi’s work (1904-1914) and the contemporary art of Miquel Barceló (2007)

All of it combined with curiosities about its construction, history, graves and magical light phenomenons that only happen twice a year…

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