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Are you thinking in visiting the fantastic island of Mallorca? We have organised a list of links of interest that you may find useful, it can help you to prepare your trip, to find the best location or what to visit.

Dot hesitate discovering Mallorca with us. Discover what to see in Mallorca clicking in this post and learn more about Mallorca reading other post of Mallorca Free Tour blog: what to do in Mallorca during 7 days, Mallorcan gastronomy, Mallorcan idioms and expressions, how to get to Mallorca Free Tour meeting point and much more!

Prepare your trip to Mallorca: links of interest

Cheap flights, comparators, discounts, trusted sites, guides, what you need to star your trip, organised by countries.

Your stay in Mallorca: links of interest

Hotels, hoteles, rural apartments, agrotourisms, places to know and what we recommend you from Mallorca Free Tour to make your stay more pleasant.

Know how we do the best walking tours in Palma and in Mallorca


Because we love doing what we love the most.

Free walking tours is for everybody.

New friendships and a group connexion.

All our knowledge.

We’ll understand how the city has evolved over the years.

For each we do extensive work researches.

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