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Since we started with this adventure Mallorca Free Tour in 2014, the Free Tour movement has grown exponentially in Spain and all across the globe. For that reason, it is important to recognise the best free walking tours like us, they also work:

Defending the values of quality, full commitment and reliability of the best professional Free Tours.

Combining the history, anecdotes and the most curious legends to make travellers feel perfectly at home.

Offering a dynamic, attractive and an extraordinary walking tour.

Improving and innovating to become the best Free Tour of Palma de Mallorca

If you are planning to travel and to enjoy the Free Tour, we are drawing up a list of the best Free Tours by cities.

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Because we love doing what we love the most.

Flexible and appeling...

Free walking tours is for everybody.


New friendships and a group connexion.


All our knowledge.

Through images...

We’ll understand how the city has evolved over the years.

We design our own routes...

For each we do extensive work researches.

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