One day in Mallorca: what can you see and do in Palma de Mallorca

Welcome to Mallorca!, Do you know what can you see and do in Mallorca for one day? In this post we are proposing to you different options, you just have to read the following lines.

We are discovering Palma and their surroundings.

Once you have been accommodated in the town of Palma, we plan to do our best to make sure you make the most of your stay. So that nothing better than getting some energy with a great breakfast in Ca’n Joan de S’Aigo located in Calle Sans, 10. It is an emblematic building funded in 1700. He offers ensaimadas, cuartos (very typical pastries of the Mallorcan gastronomy) and traditionally-produced ice creams. Then you can enjoy a walking tour around “Sa Gerreria” neighbourhood; where you can find amazing “Mallorcan patios”, the manor houses of Palma that represent the power and the wealth of the nobility.

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Can Vivot – Patio

Try the Free Tour experience!

Next, we recommend you explore the city with one of the best inventions of this century, the Free Tour! Mallorca Free Tour, yes our Free Tour starts at 11 a.m. You will get first-hand knowledge of anecdotes, legends and mysteries of the town of Palma that you’ll never forget.

Free Tour: Palma Emblematic – 11 a.m

We offer an introductory explanation about the evolution of the city of Palma. A perfect tour for history lovers. It starts in s’Hort des Rei gardens just in front of the statue “Es Foner” and then we stop in front of the Almudaina Palace. 

Here is the link where you will find the Free Tour details. 

Visit the Almudaina Palace

The Almudaina is the Royal Palace or royal Alcazar of the town of Palma, and it is national patrimony. In Arabic, the word Almudaina means citadel, fortress or walled enclosure. 

It is representing part of Mallorcan history. It was built in the 10th-century, and it was the manor residence of the Muslim Governor. The present Castle dates from 1300, and it is a modification of the old Muslim alcazar.

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Almudaina Royal Palace

La Seu de Mallorca

We continue to the Cathedral-basilica of Santa Maria of Mallorca, also known as the Cathedral of Mallorca, Cathedral of the Sea, Cathedral of the light or the Seu (in Mallorcan). It’s full of anecdotes, names and curiosities.

It’s facing onto the medieval and renaissance walls that protected the old town of Palma and is the only Gothic Cathedral with this particular feature.

Its construction began with James I, king of Aragon, after the conquest of Madina Mayurqa in 1229, under Muslim rule since 903. He decided to consecrate the old Mosque to build a great temple in honour of the Virgin Mary. According to the legend, during the journey, the king and his men were surprised by a storm. Jaume promised the Virgin Mary the most magnificent temple in the world if she protects them. The construction ended in 1630, more than 300 years later when finally finished its construction.

Restored in many cases but it is very significant the work of Antoni Gaudí in 1904 and Miquel Barceló in 2007. 

You will also discover the great rose window of the Cathedral, known as “the Gothic eye”, with approximately 13 metres in diameter, the biggest one of the Mediterranean gothic Cathedrals. The 1.236 glasses create some lighting effects like for example “the number 8” or “Fest of light” when it’s possible to contemplate the reflection of the rose window below the opposite one.

This show is produced only twice per year (the February second and the 11th of November) and it came more than 3000 people last time.

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Festival of the light

The Jewish Quarter

Next stop: the Jewish quarter. It is characterised by its tranquillity, peace and serenity that you can breathe along its streets and alleys. History, mystery and anecdotes about the Jewish community are going back to the times of Romans.

During the Middle Age and part of the modern age in the old town of Palma existed two Jewish quarters called “Call jueu“. 

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Jewish Quarter

The “Patios Mallorquines”

One of the answers to what to see and what to do in Mallorca is the Mallorcan Patios. Current and typical buildings from Palma. You can find many of them in different sizes. popular

Palma is the city of Patios. The old town is full of Mallorcan courtyards, a symbol of power and social status. Many writers and chroniclers agree that the manor houses are one of the city’s most important architectural reference points.

For lunch after the Free Tour, we recommend a local restaurant called La Balanguera restaurant.

What can you see and do in Mallorca for one day in the afternoon?

In the afternoon, as recommended by this article of the New York Times, you can walk along the woodland Passeig des Born. 

There is possible to visit the small shops and art galleries hidden among the narrow streets of Palma. For example, the gallery Kewenig of Berlin shows artists emerging inside an oratory from the 13th-century. Moreover, you can find the gallery Gerhardt Braun that houses fascinating contemporary works in a Mannerist-style mansion of the 17th-century. Another one is Terra Cuita, the shop of a local artisan located in Pòrtol. There you can find the Mallorcan coloured ceramic, hand-painted plates and navy blue bowls and the typical figure: the siurells

And the Pelaires gallery, with international projection, included last year an unforgettable exhibition of Prudencio Irazábal.


What can you see and do in Mallorca for one day during the night?

During the night, nothing better than enjoying a wonderful dinner of tapas in the pubs, bars and restaurants around the old town of Palma where you can taste the best dishes of Spanish gastronomy. But not to forget the Mallorcan gastronomy like pambolifrito mallorquíntumbet, both will surprise, that’s for sure!.

And if later you still have energy, the best choice to conclude that night is to get a drink in the fancy neighbourhood of Santa Catalina.

What can you see and do in Mallorca for one day?
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