On 9 December, we said goodbye as poets:

The free tour starts again. Tomorrow, our picture will be empty. It is now 264 days since the first Mallorca Free Tour of 2018, 264 days with two groups, one in Spanish and another one in English. With their corresponding 264 pictures and sentences for each photo: Camaiot, Mem, Pa amb oli, Almudaina, Jaume I, Medina Mayurqa, Calls jueus… 264 days that we have known 280 Harrys, 145 James, 500 Marías, 333 Pedros y 276 Juanes between all the visitors that have been with us throughout this time. Visitors who have walked with us for two hours around the old town of Palma, the sum of 50,8 million steps, which is 10 million steps more than what you need for a trip around the world.

And it remind us that to make a real change and to live doing what you love to do is possible. For us, every person brings us something more. This season and this trip around the world is only for you. On Saturday, December 8 we bid farewell until next March 2019. We expect to sum many more steps and learn more about the world thanks to you, Freewalkers! Greetings and a hug!

And today the Free Tour starts again, the countdown starts:

Have you ever felt that anxiety before travelling? Before travelling, excited and anxious, you may have opposite feelings such as stress and pre-travel fear. Don’t worry the Free Tour starts again. Stress: checking on and on that, you won’t leave anything: a photo camera, appropriate shoes, a notebook, book etc. You are worried about not finding the correct measure between clothes and different temperatures. Fear: fear about something stop you from travelling, get wrong about the day you leave, get to the airport and your ticket has not been already paid correctly, a mishap during your way to the airport, the overbooking, a boss call saying that they need you at the office.

So, even you have suffered a mishap or problem and always have travelled, the most repeated quote before you leave is “if everything goes well, I’m leaving the….”.So! If everything goes well, Mallorca Free Tour comes back on the 1st March!


If you want to personalise your own experience with friends or family, if you want to discover more places in Mallorca find our private tours, do not hesitate and contact us!

Mallorca Free Tour is coming back next 1st March.