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“D’es teu pa faràs sopes”

It is related to a traditional Mallorcan dish, Sopas mallorquinas; literally, it can be translated as “from your bread, you will cook”. It is used when someone must learn to take the consequences of his/her actions.

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“Agafar s’olla pes cap que crema”

It means understanding the worst meaning of something.

“Ja tenim la Seu plena d’ous:”

Literally “The Seu (Cathedral) is already full of eggs”. It refers to when a person has the feeling that he/she has done something amazing, but for the rest of the people it is not a great thing, it is nonsense.

“Sortir del foc per anar al caliu”

It means that a problem or trouble gets worse. It could something like “change one evil for another” or “from the frying pan to the fire”.

“Tens gana? Ido menja’t una cama!”

A childish idiom, it is used usually with children when they are quite annoyed about something.

“És com s’ase d’en Mora que de tot s’enamora”

It can be translated as “You are like Mora’s donkey that falls in love of everything” and it means “monkey see, monkey do”.


It is considered one of the most beautiful Mallorcan words. It refers to the time between afternoon and evening, the moment when the sun goes down.


It refers to the amount and it means “a lot of” or “plenty of”, “many”.


Many and tasty foods. It can be translated as “beanfeast”.

“Bosses tristes”

it is a synonym of the poor.

“Xitxero, pitxo, estiragassons o pèsols”

All of these words mean “peas”. Each of them is used in different areas of Mallorca. The word pèsol is used on the western part of Mallorca and according to Corominas comes from the Latin “pisulu”. Xítxero appears documented for the first time in 1881 and you can hear it as well in some places in Spain as chícharo. The word pitxo is a mix between pèsol and xítxero and you will hear it in Santa Margalida and Ariany.

And finally, estiragassó, quite typical from Felanitx area, it is, in fact, a verb estiragarssar that means to shell or to peel the peas. However, it refers also a funny story: during the wine exportation in Portocolom and the French sailors were hanging around at the deck, the Mallorcan teenagers used to throw peas with something similar to blowpipe to the French sailors, that game was known as “tir de garcon” (target shooters) and later it evolved to estirgarssó.


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