Mallorca is a place similar to happiness, apt to be blissful in it, apt for the scenario of happiness and I, as many islanders and visitors, have almost never got the weath of happiness that one must carry inside to feel worthy spectator (and not ashamed) of such clarity of beauty. Twice I have lived in Mallorca and memory of it is clear and quiet: some argumentative meetings with my friends, an early morning walk that started un Valldemossa and it ended in Palma, a adorable girl that I was in love and perphaps that I have never told her, a few long days haunting me in the counting of the beaches. Now I stop writing and I keep remembering”. Jorge Luis Borges (El Dia, Palma de Mallorca, 21-XI-1926.)

It is hard to set a date and the place where that text was written, it was written by a young man, Jorge Luis Borges, and it is titled “Mallorca”. With it we start a small quote collection of writers, poets or artist from over the world and time that have been talking about Mallorca.

“Majorca is a paradise, if you can stand it.” Gertrude Stein, 1929.

The enigmatic quote that Gertrude Stein, american writer born the last quarter of the 19th Centry, told to Robert Graves (Londres, 1895 – Deià, 1985) during an interview in 1929. It seems to be the beginning of Robert Graves journey, due to couple months later he came to Palma with his family to live in Mallorca forever and that is why he happily say:

“I love Majorca, for the fruit of my garden, the smell of the olive wood, the sun between the rocks of Es Teix, the sound of the sheeps during the night”. Robert Graves.

Chopin and George Sand stayed in Majorca for three months. The first week they stayed in a guesthouse in Carrer de la Marina in Palma. The 15th November they moved to the Cartusian Monastery in Valldemossa where Chopin composed some of his most beautiful and melancholic preludes:

“Valldemossa…..I will live in a marvellous cloister in the most stunning place of the world” Frederic Chopin.

“Valldemossa, everything that the poet or painter can dream, the nature has create in here”. George Sand.

Years later, the famous actor Michael Douglas lived in Majorca. In 1989, Michael and his wife Diandra bought a house in Valldemossa: s’Estaca, a manor house with a golden past and one of the most beautiful houses of Mallorca. It is located between Valldemossa and Deià and it belonged to the Archduke Ludwing Salvatore of Austria. The actor felt in love with Valldemossa and Majorca.

“I love Majorca for its amazing mix of civilizations, its power international influence and mostly because it keeps its own autentic culture”. Micheal Douglas.

We end with this beautiful quote, attributed to Dalai Lama, Budism spiritual leader:

“I love Mallorca because this island has been created from the same energy than the love”. Dalai Lama.