Legends of Palma: the mysterious city

Guided tour of the legends of Palma and its mysteries

Discover the alleys and mysteries of the old town on from Monday to Saturday at 11 AM and 6 PM. During this visit, we will reveal some of the legends, curiosities and mysteries that the city of Palma hides.

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What to see in the mysterious Palma?

This tour starts in Plaza Mayor, the main square and the city centre, and it ends in Parc de la Mar, near the Cathedral. 

Where did the first settlers come from? Was there an independent Kingdom in Mallorca? Who was the Walled Lady? Did a fearsome dragon live in Palma?

If you want to know the answers and discover much more about the mysterious Palm, this is your route! Our official guides will explain the mysteries of the history of Palma and Mallorca. Besides, you will also have the chance to contemplate the streets and alleys of Palma under the moonlight and the stars …


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