What to do and what to visit in Mallorca during your cruise day?

First of all, do you know what to do and what to visit in Mallorca? This island is considered the big sister of Ibiza, the party island. Mallorca charms in many different ways thanks to its cultural city breaks in Palma de Mallorca, the marvellous, quiet and clean seawater of the Mediterranean and the walking tours through the small villages of the Serra de Tramuntana.

On the other hand, Mallorca is one of the four Balearic islands that is included in many cruises stops through the Mediterranean Sea. During your stop in Mallorca, there are lots of things to do and places to visit and some of them are a “must”. Now, we explain to you what to do and what to see in Mallorca during your cruise stop.


Palma de Mallorca, visit the capital is essential.

During a cruise with Costa Cruceros, an unforgettable experience, with a stop in Palma de Mallorca, visiting the capital and the main city is essential. In Palma de Mallorca you will find the main and the most important monuments, such as the Cathedral. La Seu, as it is known here, is one of the biggest religious buildings of Spain. This masterpiece was built in a Gothic style near the walls of Palma. It has 3 aisles, in the main one (the central one and the tallest one) is located the Trinity Chapel. The Holy Sacrament chapel, its stained glass windows and its huge fresco are worth it.

In front of our amazing Cathedral is located the Almudaina Palace, known as the Royal Palace. It is a monument where Muslim and gothic style combines perfectly. Visiting the palace helps you to understand the history of the Balearic Islands from prehistory time up to nowadays. During your visit, you can contemplate the King’s patio, the throne room, the Saint James chapel, an Arab bath, Saint Anne Chapel and the Queen’s patio.

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Explore the Cathedral of Mallorca
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Almudaina Royal Palace

Visit the Bellver Castle

Another recommendation to do in Palma de Mallorca is to visit the Bellver Castle. As a result, you will find another architectural jewel: the Bellver castle.

It is formed by the main tower or Torre Major and 3 smaller towers. It is a round shape gothic castle. From the castle the views are stunning, you can contemplate Palma de Mallorca and its bay.

Moreover, walking through the streets and alleys of Palma de Mallorca discovers small and picturesque squares such as the Plaza Mayor (the main square). It is located in the centre of Palma and the main cobblestone streets end there. This square is a nice place for the craft markets, musicians, street artists and more. Another beautiful square is Plaza de Cort (the City Hall square) where is located one of the most stunning buildings of Palma: the City Hall. In the centre of that square, you will find a huge olive tree moved there in 1989.

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Ayuntamiento de Palma

 What other things can I do or can I visit in Mallorca during my cruise stop?

Besides Palma de Mallorca, there are many different excursions. Driving half an hour from Palma to the north you can discover Valldemossa. Valldemossa is located among the mountains and it has charming and flowering cobblestone streets and alleys. Valldemossa stands out for the Carthusian Monastery, La Cartuja, and because famous personalities have stayed here for instance: Frederic Chopin and George Sand, Catherine Zeta-Joneses and Michael Douglas, kings and queens and much more!

What to do and what to visit in Mallorca during your stay?

Furthermore from Palma is also easy to get to Calvià where you will discover some amazing gothic buildings. Or if you want to enjoy the sun on a nice beach far from the bustle of the city you can visit Santa Ponsa. This is a nice place just 20 km from Palma. Santa Ponsa is famous for its beaches and a huge and beautiful sandbank or the Palmanova Gulf, located 10 km from Palma, where you can rest and practise water sports.

Another place could be Peguera, one of the most beautiful coastline villages. Its golden sand beaches surrounded by Mediterranean plants and trees are worth it. The beaches stand out for their wild and quite isolated features.

Visit the Caves of Drach.

Finally, it is a must-visit the Caves of Drach is an excursion for long time stops because they are located in Porto Cristo and that’s one hour drive from Palma de Mallorca.

The Caves of Drach have 4 rooms placed in 25 m depth and more than 2,5 km long. Therefore inside the caves, you can contemplate some underground lakes, the biggest one is Martel lake (115 meters long and 30 meters wide).

What to do and what to visit in Mallorca during your stay?
Caves of Drach

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What to do and what to visit in Mallorca during your stay?