Mallorca Excursions: Mallorca Island Tour

What to do in Mallorca is sometimes difficult since there are many activities and excursions in Mallorca to carry out and discover the island of Mallorca alone, with family and/or friends.

Here we propose one of the most famous and exciting excursions: the island tour. A tour that will take you to discover the oldest train and tram on the island, the town and port of Sóller, and the mouth of the Pareis torrent, in Sa Calobra.

Port de Sóller: lighthouse Sa Creu and tower

Sóller train and tram

We suggest you start the excursion from Palma. In Plaza España, you will find the island’s transport centre. Right there is the Sóller Train Railroad station, a classic wooden train inaugurated in 1912.

The trip with the Sóller train from Palma is incredible. The journey takes approximately 60 minutes, crossing a viaduct, bridges and 13 tunnels that cross the Serra de Alfabia.

Once we arrive in Sóller, we have about 30 minutes to walk through its historic centre. Discover the parish church of Sant Bartomeu, with a modernist facade by Joan Rubió i Bellver (disciple of Antoni Gaudí), which is paired with the Banc de Sóller.

Parish church of Sant Bartomeu (right) and Banc de Sóller (left)
Lluna Street, Sóller

You cannot stop strolling through its main streets, such as Gran Vía where we find the stately homes. Those manor houses are in the art nouveau style thanks to the enrichment of the families that emigrated to Switzerland, France and South America. In addition, we recommend you also stroll along Carrer Lluna, one of the most emblematic streets of the town of Sóller and visit the Can Prunera house museum.

And before taking the tram to the port, you must try the most famous ice cream in town: the orange ice cream from “Fet a Sóller”.

We said goodbye to this incredible town in the Serra de Tramuntana. We arrived at Puerto de Sóller with the tram, and at the same train station, we got on. Journey time 20-30 minutes to reach the destination. The trip is amazing, especially when we get closer to Puerto de Sóller and go around the beach.

Once there, we have time to walk, take photos or have a light snack.

Sóller Tram in Port de Sóller

Boat trip up to Sa Calobra

There we will take the boat (the blue ones) that will take us to Sa Calobra. During the journey, we can contemplate the Serra de Tramuntana and its incredible cliffs. A magnificent union of mountains and sea. A perfect excursion in Mallorca to discover the island from another point of view.

Views of Serra de Tramuntana from the sea

Once we disembark in Sa Calobra, we can take a bath or visit the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis passing through the pedestrian tunnels dug in the rock of the mountain. The walk is very pleasant.

Once we get to the beach, its grandeur never ceases to amaze us: we are at the very mouth of a torrent! that over time has created a space worth visiting at least once in your life. The beach is small, rocky (we recommend wearing booties) and has crystal clear waters, perfect for a refreshing swim and spending the rest of the day.

Torrent de Pareis
Sa Calobra

An excursion in Mallorca suitable for everyone, a full day on the island and a magnificent plan to discover part of our history, architecture and nature.